Five-spice powder sauce crayfish will become a delicious dish in your family dinner or a party if you know how to use ingredients and cook the dish. Today, our chefs will help you by showing the recipe.


Instructions: Five-spice Sauce Crayfish

Step 1: Making a Five-spice Sauce

Split the back of the crayfish and keep the head for decoration later. Soak the crayfish with salt and pepper for 15 minutes. You can marinate them longer if you want.

Step 2:

Put shrimps in a frying pan and cook them in cooking oil until they turn to a golden brown.

Step 3:

Make the five-spice sauce with onions, bell peppers, and garlic. Cut onions and bell peppers to seeds. Heat cooking oil in a pan and add seasonings to give scent and color to the dish. Mince garlic, add one teaspoon of the five-spice powder of Vianco, and stir fry them.

Step 4: Finally

You put some onions and bell peppers. Then, pour fish sauce and add sesame oil to stir again. Turn off the heat and remove the pan.