Five-fruit vegan tofu is another option for those who want to get thrifty meals. With simple ingredients (seeds, veggies, etc.) and lots of ingredients, both helping us to change the taste and purify our bodies with natural foods. Follow the recipe and serve the dish with your family!


  • 2 fresh coconuts
  • Shiitake mushroom (about 50grams)
  • White tofu (5 pieces)
  • Red apple (about 200grams)
  • Tubers (about 200grams)
  • Lotus seeds (about 100grams)
  • Young corn (about 200grams)
  • Ginkgo biloba (about 200grams)
  • A lotus root
  • Five-spice powder with deer brand (about 10grams)
  • Vegetarian oyster oil, honey, and spices
  • Green cabbage and noodles (optional)

Instructions: Five-fruit Vegan Tofu


Wash shiitake mushrooms to diminish dust and soak them in freshwater. Then, you should wash young corn deeply.

Peel radishes and cut in half or three (optional). Peel the lotus root and cut into slices to taste. With lotus seeds, you need to clean them to remove dust. Then, break the hard shell of the ginkgo and eliminate the silk.

Slice white tofu into pieces and wash fresh lotus seeds away from the dust.


  1. Add fresh coconut water and wash shiitake mushrooms in water to boil. Then, you put all of the lotus roots, watercress, apples, young corn, ginkgo Biloba, lotus seeds, and shiitake mushrooms in a pot.
  2. Mix one teaspoon of Five-spice powder with deer brand with seasoning seeds, soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of oyster oil, sugar, and a teaspoon of honey. You stir the mixture to dissolve into a pot.

3. Deeply fry slices of tofu, pickled tofu into a pot of broth. In another pot, you boil the water again to taste and turn the heat off.

You can relish the dish with noodles, mustard greens, or green cabbage. It would be better if you scoop tofu out of a bowl or a small pot on your kitchen stove and enjoy it with your family or friends