Jelly Cake – Vianco Kitchen

This kind of Autumn cakes are completely different from traditional autumn cakes. Because the cake crust is not made of flour or green bean as usual. The cake crust is made from cool jelly. It’s simpler and easier to do than traditional cakes. Autumn jelly cakes contains a lot of fruits, so it’s not a big suggestion for relation with Flan cake’s style, green bean, green tea, salted egg….

Ingredients: 2 tubes of Vianco Vanilla Powder brand Butterfly,600 mil Orange juice, 400 ml water, 160 gr sugar, 200 gr yogurt, 25 gr condensed milk, 5 gr Gelatine, 8gr powdered jelly

Step 1: Soak 5gr Gelatine with 20ml of cold ice water and soak in 15 minutes and then melt this fluid in the microwave

Step 2:

Pour the gelatine in step 1 into 200gr of yogurt, 25 gr condensed milk together with 1 tube of Vianco Vanilla Powder brand Butterfly. Mix well then put in cooler for 60 minutes.

Step 3:

Add 400ml water, 160gr sugar, 8gr jelly, 600ml orange juice. Boil and put 1 tube of butterfly brand Vanilla powder.

Step 4:

Put those fluid in to customized shape or favorite customize shape objects.

Step 5:

Put the yogurt kernel and pour the jelly fluid to fill the customized shapes.

Step 6:

Done and serve