Về chúng tôi

Originated from the traditional Vietnamese Indian curry powder, Vianco is always the brand of retaining the conventional values. Thereby, creating the spices called “living taste”. Starting from a small spice shop as Viet An in 1958, VIANCO has 60 years of development. These days, VIANCO is a reliable cooperation, namely Vietnam India Joint Venture Enterprise (VIANCO).

VIANCO’s  Indian curry has distinct taste and flavour, so you cannot confuse it with other curries from other parts of the world. More than a half-century, the aroma is still unique, retaining its charm.

In addition to curry powder, Vianco also created famous products such as Deer-Brand five-spice powder, beef stew powder, “Bún Bò” of Huế beef noodle powder, Phở soup powder & concentrates, curry paste, satay paste, pork marinade for Vietnamese pork rice dish, and a wide selection of spices such as pepper, star anise, cinnamon, turmeric, galanga, ginger, garlic, lemongrass (citronella), chili, etc.

Since 1958, all products of Vianco have always sourced from natural ingredients where balance is the key. This is the philosophy of our two founders, which VIANCO are still adhering to. In addition to spices, we add natural dried herbs with balancing properties for your health and well-being. Through this commitment, over more than 60 years, Vianco has built the trust from customers when we pronounce ourselves as “all natural, balanced and nutritious”. 

Company History

From humble beginnings in 1958, Việt Ấn spice powder foundry was established by its two founders, Mr. Châu Tư and Mr Hari. The founders took advantage of Vietnam’s abundant natural spices, utilising Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese knowledge and traditions as a basis, to create an unique local curry powder, five spice powder and beef stew powder. Their research in the following years added new products such as Vietnamese ‘Phở’ Beef Noodle Soup Base, ‘Bún Bò’ of Huế Condiment, Curry Oil Paste, Spicy Satay Paste,… thereby growing the family-run business into a co-operative in 1985. From 1985, Vietnam’s economy opened and expanded, the co-op become a limited liability corporation, thus paving the way for Viet An Company to enter a joint venture with an Australian partner company in 1989, and VIANCO Joint Venture Enterprise came into existence. Today, VIANCO has an extensive multi-faceted supply chain and a multi-channel distribution network supplying consumers, food manufacturers and food service industry stakeholders including top 5 instant food brands in Vietnam, fast food chains, export companies and contract manufacturing OEM for overseas companies.

Small Spices shop Viet An means Vietnam-India Spices establised by the founder Mr Chau Tu
Growing to a small manufacturing company
Been Accredited by Vietnam Agriculture associate of Vietnam’s spices industry.
Company Reopening after 1975 ending Vietnam War & being recognised by Vietnam Trade Mark of Viet An
Joint Venture with Australian Company to establishing of Vianco-Viet An Joint Venture Enterprise to grow a bigger size company in order to develop both local and export market.
First introducing Vietnam Spices’s product to EU, US market to expanding international market
Accredit of ISO 9001- Quality of Control Management to keep a high quality product over the year.
Been recognised as of Vietnam High Quality Product that voted by favourite consumers.
Accredit to becomes one of Vietnam Key Quality Product Representative in food industry by Ho Chi Minh Agriculture Association
Achieving of ISO 22000:2018 following HACCP program. Changed the brand identity

Company Vision and mission


  •       Deliver the quintessential taste of Vietnamese cuisines around the world
  •       Build VIANCO brand to become the brand that every family has at front of mind for natural, tasty and authentic spices, sauces and seasonings
  •       Develop VIANCO to become a trusted, professional and sustainable spice supplier to the food industry – both consumers and businesses


  •       Produce wholesome & tasty solutions to cooking and cusisines
  •       Bring convenience, safety, and added value to customers
  •       Build a professional, dynamic, and equitable working environment for employees so that they can develop their potential and contribute to society
  •       Expand sustainable farming and sourcing that is environmentally friendly
  •       Participate in the development of human potential in the Food & Beverage industry for the long term.