Sản phẩm

Cà ry đầu bếp ấn độ (India Chef Curry)

Ngũ vị hương con nai (Five Spices powder)


NÔNG SẢN (Whole Spices)

Sản Phẩm (Product)



Weight: 500grams

Ingredient: anise flower

Usage: Star anise powder of Vianco is used as a seasoning for all types of cooking meat – lamb, goat, beef, duck, and other wild meat; seafood. People combine the powder with stir-frying, baking, making the broth, roasted meat, and making rice cakes.

Preservation: store the powder in a cool and dry place without the sunlight. Leftover or after-used products should be kept in a sealed jar. Draw attention to the expiration date before and when in use. Do not use it if the bag has been opened or torn.

Expiration date: 2 years