Sản phẩm

Cà ry đầu bếp ấn độ (India Chef Curry)

Ngũ vị hương con nai (Five Spices powder)


NÔNG SẢN (Whole Spices)

Sản Phẩm (Product)

Turmeric Powder


Weight: 50 grams and 500grams

Ingredient: natural turmeric

Usage: turmeric powder is used to spice up fried meat, stir-fry dishes, and an element of other dishes such as Lac Sa vermicelli, pancakes, and Barbecue.

Preservation: store the powder in a cool and dry place without the sunlight. Leftover or after-used products should be kept in a sealed jar. Draw attention to the expiration date before and when in use. Do not use it if the bag has been opened or torn.

Expiration date: 2 years