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bột cà ri hiệu đầu bếp ấn độ (indian chef curry powder)

Bột Ngũ Vị Hương hiệu con nai (deer brand five spices powder)


nông sản (Whole Spices)

Sản Phẩm/Product


Weight: it depends on customer’s demand

Nutritional ingredients: cloves are precious spice, containing essential oils and sweet taste to stimulate digestion. Clove oil is commonly used in dentistry as an anesthetic and kills the pulp.

Benefits: cloves often can be used in cooking and pulverizing. However, it has a solid smell. Thus, we do not use too many cloves. The essential oils of cloves are used in aromatherapy massage treatments. In Europe and Asia, cloves can become popular spices in any dish. Clove oil is also widely utilized in toothache treatment.

Preservation: keep cloves in dry and safe places without the sunlight.

Expiration date: 2 years

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