The following article Vianco will guide everyone “The process of buying online on Vianco Website”.

Visit Vianco website:

Step 1: Sign up

Please click on the humanoid icon above the categories on the website:

There are 2 ways to register an account on Vianco website: through your Google account or through your Facebook account.

Method 1: Sign up with a Google account

Method 2: Register with a Facebook account

Then enter the email or phone number that created the Facebook account, enter the password, then click log in.

Step 2: Update account information

After you have an account on Vianco website, you can go to the account section to update your account information.

Fill in all the fields inside the ACCOUNT window that appears, including FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, PASSWORD. The password part can be kept the same or changed.

Next, click SAVE CHANGES to complete the account information update process.

Step 3: Add products to cart

After you have updated your account information, you will select the product you want to buy and then add it to your cart.

To add a product to your cart, click on the product name, then select some options such as VOLUME, QUANTITY.

Next, click on ADD TO CART.

When you want to check your cart, just click on the cart icon above:


The interface inside the shopping cart will appear, you can review the types of products you have selected, along with the quantity and price before placing an order.

If you want to remove the item from the cart, you just need to click the “X” button to the left of the item to delete it.

Step 4: Place your order

After you have checked the products, you just need to click on PROCEED PAYMENT to proceed with placing the order.

The payment interface appears, fill in the necessary information in the fields marked with “*”.

Next, choose a payment method: you can choose to bank transfer or pay cash on delivery.

After that, please check all your order information and click ORDER to complete the order process.

** Reminder when ordering

Conditions for ordering on the website: Your order must have a minimum value of 100,000 VND.

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