As a natural spice-producing company, Vianco has two main product lines – curry powder and five flavors. These are safe and familiar with pure ingredients to meet most Vietnamese families’ requirements.

With the love of natural spices, two friends from two distant countries (Vietnam and India) have the same harmony and passion. They conceived and created a brand. Established in 1958, Vianco started with an esoteric Indian curry recipe and was brought to Vietnam by Mr. Hari (a chef) with Mr. Chu Vinh Co – the owner of Vianco. He said that “Natural spices must grow on this land – our country!”

From small spices gathered into large pieces, the chains began to be put into operation

From small spices gathered into large pieces, the chains began to be put into operation. This is the standard step for building the Deer brand (five flavors) and an Indian old man brand of Vianco.

Natural Spices, bring healthy meals for Vietnamese families

Providing full of delicious meals and nurturing love from natural spice seeds to every Vietnamese family

“No matter how long the time is, we always preserve the oldest value in each of our products” Vianco’s representative said. It seems that Vianco still keeps the journey in the developing map, follows instructions, and preserving the traditional flavors that locals trust.

What do Vietnamese housewives think of a golden brand? “My mother has always used the Deer and old Indian man brands since she was a little woman. Now, she is still using it”, Ms. Hien (Vinh Long province) said.

“The feeling used by this brand from the past should be maintained. All products still keep full of flavors”, Ms. Hai (HCMC) said. “With Vianco, the pack is nice, friendly, nice, and safe for using”, Ms. Tho (Nha Trang City) said.

As a natural spice brand, Vianco has always been enhanced and proved the quality that must be assured in the kitchen. In gratitude to the feelings that Vietnamese prefer using traditional spices, Vianco brought natural flavors to locals by donating 1000 delicious meals in May 2020. Contributing to the journey aim “not to let anyone be left behind”, Vianco accompanied poor locals to overcome the worries of the pandemic period.

Accompanying the Vietnamese people to overcome the worries of the epidemic season.

The brand is old but it is not out-of-dated for a long time

Over the years, Vianco has built and stepped on a long trip of more than 63 years. In general, every company has to face different challenges and difficulties. With Vianco, break the old and bad elements but we still retain the traditional value to meet the consumer requirements and love all of our product lines. This is our mission!

Since then, the board of directors decided to change identity. It would be a huge and important step for Vianco. The year 2020 could not be a good year for all corporations because of the pandemic impact. However, we usually believe in the positive side and the real quality behind it.

Retaining the natural green color, the logo image expresses the true value and combines with the leaf symbol. Both components are necessary to make safety features in each product. Add an accent with the image of a spoon at the top of the letter “V” – a daily item that comes with a spice jar and creates a resemblance to the food spice industry. Eliminating the old logo coat that is restrictive in the frame, Vianco on the new identity also curls up with a softer font.

Although we change the logo image, the two old brand names still remain. They have new faces with unique, modern, and eye-catching layers of saffron gold. Fortunately, we receive positive feedback from consumers. They still remember us as an old brand with a new coat over a decade.

Food without seasonings is a terrible dish. It is similar to how your life seems to be boring. Thus, the spices of Vianco are full of 5 flavors and tastes – sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and bitter. This is also full of interesting colors in our lives. We would like to keep the conventional taste, cultivate healthy meals, and build the solid statement “enjoy your taste and have a happy life”.

Break out with traditional values

Kicking off a small passion but reaching out for a big mission, Vianco continues to create a path of pride in Vietnamese spices. It does not only focus on traditional values and foster a happy life but also brings the local spice brand over the world.

63 years of accompanying Vietnamese families, the time proves our quality in nurturing delicious meals and love through every small natural spice.

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