Vianco has given 1000 delicious meals to low-class people who are struggling to live after the unemployment period due to COVID-19. After the anti-epidemic efforts, locals have gradually returned to normal life. Nonetheless, somewhere there are many people still worried about living costs, especially poor people and those in tough circumstances.

Several workers are still battling their lives every single day to find replacement jobs after being cut off during the pandemic. Many ticket sellers roam all of the streets to earn a little extra income, hoping to make more money for their basic meets. The motorbikes have to drive customers all day in the sunlight to make full meals for their families.

A simple curry meal for many of us may not mean much. However, the difficult life mentioned above is a luxury for poor people. The time before the pandemic was harsh for them to live. Now, they have more difficult lives and nutritious meals become even more precious

People lined up to receive donated meals at Nu Cuoi social rice stall.

The difficulties of low-class people and poor workers have been experienced over the past time are also concerns of the community and Vianco in particular. In the past, human love and mutual affection were honored higher than ever.

With the journey name “not letting anyone left behind”, it was spread and the community joined. In the flow of that wave, Vianco implemented a donated program called “1000 delicious meals – full of smiles”. We provided tasty meals filled to difficult people so that they can keep their smiles and encourage them in tough life.

“For more than 60 years accompanying Vietnamese family in-home meals, we want to bring warm dishes to them. Since then, the program was born, with the desire to give small things for poor people to go through difficulties. We hope that our little effort made their lives better”, said the Vianco board of directors.

Vianco has cooperated with Nu Cuoi social food stall. This is a famous social organization in HCMC. They have given more than 1,000 delicious meals and free lunchtime to the poor workers over many years.

The first program took place in two locations in HCMC. On May 15th, the organization donate free lunch meals in the 6th Nu Cuoi (No.11, Nguyen Huy Luong St, Ward 14, Binh Thanh District) and the first Nuc Cuoi  (596 Tran Hung Dao St, Ward 5, District 5) on May 16th

The organizers always ensure hand sanitizer for each person before receiving the meal to ensure safety.

After hand sanitization is completed, people take the numbers and are given a decent meal.

A meal includes rice, savory chicken curry cooked with Vianco natural spices, and desserts. Healthy meals here do not only provide energy for a working day but also warm them.

All 1000 delicious meals were prepared by volunteers early in the morning with fresh, safe, and hygienic ingredients. From the kitchen, volunteers always wear masks and gloves. In addition, people who bring a box might receive an extra meal for relatives, reducing plastic waste.

“Volunteers also need to draw attention to everyone’s safety and social responsibility”, said Ms. An, the owner of Nu Cuoi social food stall system.

Volunteers preparing rice are fully equipped with masks, complying with food safety and hygiene regulations

A great meal does not inherit value for high-class people. However, it is totally precious for poor people such as drivers, security guards, lottery ticket sellers, etc. This is a happy gift for them.

After receiving the meal, someone could not hide their emotions (they were crying). They said that “the meal is so delicious. Thanks to the golden heart people, we have a warm meal. With low-class people like us, having free meals from an organization like Vianco is a big gift”, Ms. Hoa (from Binh Thanh District) said.

Not only this woman but other people feel warm because the philanthropists are always there, supporting weak people to overcome daunting times. Other Vietnamese businesses have supported poor people in the pandemic as a proud tradition “healthy leaves protect torn leaves”. Although the pandemic is temporarily stable, many workers still suffer from the fear of making money.

Every small contribution at this moment from organizations is a big heart of gratitude, helping poor people feel confident to step over the pandemic. Vianco hopes that we can bring more meals to other people in the forthcoming time.

Source: VN Express E-newspaper

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