The right seasoning, a concept quote unfamiliar to the consumer. In general, most dishes need spices. As a medicine, spices make our dishes more delicious. To have a great dish, seasoning plays an important role. However, housewives think that they just add seasonings to the dish randomly.

It is easier to speak than to act. If we have incorrect seasoning of spices, we cannot enjoy our dishes. Additionally, wrong spices become bad elements and destroy our health. They silently accumulate little by little every day. What is the standard seasoning for getting a great taste and full of flavor in each dish?

Most housewives often ask “what should we eat today”. Then, they choose a list of dishes and prepare ingredients. After that, they pay attention to spices. From the basic seasonings to the strange ones, spices are the soul of the dish.

Whether you are going to prepare a daily meal or a delicious party for a special occasion, you should gather the tasting tips. Now, let’s discover the secrets of using spices from Vianco’s chefs.

Right Seasoning, 5 basic spices for making luscious dishes 


Adding the salt at the wrong time will create a big problem in

cooking a dish. Furthermore, the incorrect amount of salt may affect our body for a long time. This spice is not easy to use. We need to find the right time to put it inside and each dish requires a different moment.

For the soup, you could add salt in the final stages when boiling. At that time, the food is ready to cook. For the

 braised and fried dishes, meat and fish should be marinated (with the salt) directly before storing. With the boiled dishes, the salt will become the first seasoning when the water just boils.


Sugar will be flammable even at high temperatures. Thus, you should not add sugar when the food is completed. Moreove

r, you could not put sugar in the dish when boiling the oil. This is because the sugar probably toxins and affects the characteristic flavor of the dish. 

For braised dishes, you still need to marinate meat and fish before cooking. With the soups and stir-fries, remember to add sugar when your food is almost done.

For the fries and baked dishes, never put the sugar directly into the food when cooking. Instead, you can make a separate sauce and cover the surface for having a nice shine. This technique also supports the baking dish less fire without causing cancer.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

MSG is the most difficult seasoning to use. This is because it is very susceptible to alter and become “danger warnings” at high temperatures. Therefore, MSG should only be added when the heat is turned off.

At that time, the dish is fully cooked to limit the impact of heat. You cannot use MSG when it is not dissolved and avoid eating it in a state of whole grains.


Peppers are considered as a flavoring spice with a spicy taste. Using spices for the dish should be a mild level. Nonetheless, peppers do not retain the scent and the long-lasting taste in the “fire pan” like chili.

In every dish, you need to add peppers in the last step before turning off the heat. This is because peppers in high temperatures and for a long time will lose their taste. Furthermore, burning also causes the body to accumulate substances harmful to health.

Onions and garlic

In the dry spices, onions and garlic are two special fresh spices that we often use for all dishes. From fried to stir-fried dishes, we always need them. Onions and garlic can remove the fishy smell of the main material.

For fried and stir-fried dishes, onions and garlic can diminish the fishy smell of fish, seafood, and meat. Therefore, you should marinate those foods before cooking. For soups and braised foods, making the yellow color of onions or garlic possibly gets a special fragrance. It will overwhelm the unpleasant flavors that are leftover.

Right seasoning recipe for herbs in special dishes 

In addition to the general spices that we use every day, Vietnamese cuisine has other right seasonings. Herbs are good examples to explore and use.

From fresh seeds (to use at once) to dry spices, our country has several valuable herbs to choose from. This is a special present that Mother Earth gives us because we might use herbs as a daily remedy for the body. Right seasoning is a combination of spices and right seasoning is the trend that consumers choose.

Vianco’s chefs believe that every family should keep herbs as daily remedies for the body. Bring them out if needed. Herbs are not difficult to find and nobody knows how to use them accurately.


Not only a spice but also an herb, cinnamon is considered as a warm taste. With a pleasant aroma, we could add cinnamon to any beverage. Cinnamon is a healthy element for our food. Apart from being used in teas, this herb is also an essential cooking ingredient. The stew, soup, and traditional Vietnamese noodles usually have a little cinnamon.

Despite being a spice, cinnamon also needs to take time to melt into the flavor. With the tea, you should soak cinnamon plants for 10 minutes before enjoying. With savory dishes, cinnamon could be roasted and added at the boiling stage. Additionally, bone stewing should have cinnamon in order to create a rich flavor.


Anise has several good benefits for our health such as increasing metabolism and removing the cold symptoms. This is the treasure of Lang that people use it in soups and stewing dishes.

Anise is sometimes an inseparable ingredient of cinnamon. Cinnamon and anise has many similarities. Roast and add them together when cooking the broth so that each flavor blends.


Cardamom is a special seasoning because it has fragrant, sweet, and spicy. Considered the queen of spice, we often use it in stewed dishes. Dry and roast the cardamom if you need to preserve it for a long time. We usually put cardamom in the broth so that we get a unique and rich standard taste.


Nutmegs do not have a similar shape with ginger but it is outstandingly warm. To use nutmegs, you should dry and roast them. When cooking the dish with heating, add a little nutmeg to the broth. The rest could be reserved for the next time.

The last secret to meet the right taste in cooking any dish (right seasoning)

If you are not good at cooking or you are too busy to prepare a delicious meal, you will need to find a solid solution. The whole seasoning or the semi-complete spices on the market is a great method to solve your problem. You should select a reliable brand with full of information on the label.

Vianco brand and ViancoFoods seasonings have been available on the market for over 60 years. With one package only, you could be confident to cook any traditional dish. Hue beef noodle, Pho, and so on – just adding the powder or the sauce of Vianco.

Unlike the right seasoning provide a unique standard flavor. When choosing the semi-completed spices, you can put some herbs for each dish. Then, it requires some common spices such as salt and sugar to make the right taste.

The sophisticated dish will be easy to prepare and make. Everyone can do it well!

The recipe for right seasoning 

With the standard seasoning guides above, they will support you to take good taste and ensure health. All of those secrets may become your teachers when you want to cook any dish.

The whole and semi-completed seasonings, on the other hand, probably help you cook any dish in a short time.

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