Spices (from dry seasonings to prepared condiments, especially semi-completed seasonings) are used to create two main ingredients in a dish and flavor. Nonetheless, most housewives cannot distinguish between Taste and Flavor.

The real difference between Flavor and Taste

Flavor and Taste overwhelm our emotions in two different ways. The Flavor in a dish is the thing that we can smell. Spices create the flavor’s dish, such as herbs and cloves. Taste is our feeling on the tongue as sour, sweet, spicy, salty, sweet, and bitter. Most of the spices also probably make the taste – salt, sugar, pasta, fish sauce, etc.

To complete the two elements, several spices were made. Apart from dry seasonings, popular mixes are added. Then, we have two new types – the whole seasonings and semi-completed seasonings.

Semi-completed spices

If the Flavor is everything to fit a dish, Semi-completed spices is everything to fit a dish; the semi-completed seasonings might have a slight defect in flavor. It is not easy to get the correct taste in some dishes, especially the traditional ones. 

Pho or Hue beef vermicelli, for instance, we will get stuck in making the standard taste if we do not have enough spices. In that case, we should use the semi-completed seasonings.

These semi-completed seasonings were made to help all chefs and housewives can control the dish’s taste gently. It is not a big challenge to adjust the taste in each dish. By concentrating a full range of herbs or spices, all layers of incense in the dishes will have appeared. 

In the seasoning part, the semi-completed seasonings will not fill as the whole seasonings. Depending on your family, the standard flavor will be flexible. You could add a little sugar and a little salt to meet the dish’s taste.

Semi-completed spices

The whole seasonings

The whole seasonings are the completed seasonings in both Flavor and Taste. These help you finish the cooking process conveniently and quickly. For those who do not have many experiences in cooking, they need to use the whole seasonings. Or overloaded people often add these seasonings to save the cooking time. This is because they might do one step for building the rich flavor for each dish. They do not have to taste again.

The whole seasonings

Semi-whole spices and whole seasonings – Give you a different enjoyment of food

Using the whole seasonings is convenient in cooking, so why should we use the semi-completed seasonings? This is because each spice has its role in the kitchen, the rest part is hard to replace.

Cooking has long been a routine. This is a dose of medicine for our emotions and mood. It is also our lives to discover everything. For those reasons, it is said that cooking could become a solution to relieve stress and the nature of our families. Cooking requires the time and seasons to achieve the right expectation.

Each family has different styles of tasting foods, so the standard taste will be pliable. Therefore, the tasting will help us to adjust the flavor to meet the food styles.

At this time, the semi-completed seasonings appear. It is the key point for housewives and chefs to save their cooking time. We still enjoy the cooking moment and food.

When should we use the whole seasonings and the semi-completed seasonings?

You often hear “one step is done for cooking” or “just 5 minutes to have a delicious meal” is everything about the completed spices. When you are overburden with your tasks, the cooking process should be quick and simple every single day. However, it is not healthy to go outside and eat. This is the reason you need to cook at home and using completed-seasonings. 

For the dishes that are difficult to cook or difficult to taste, the semi-completed seasonings are considered the best way. You could still have delicious food for your family by mix with something new. Additionally, for some foods for parties or family’s weekends, remember to select the semi-finished seasonings.

Two main keys for using the whole spices and the semi-completed seasonings

When should we use the whole seasonings and the semi-completed seasonings?

The biggest problem that housewives are concerned about is the nature and safety of using spices.

“Are real or fake seasonings when buying the commercial products in the supermarkets?” or “is it the right taste for my dish?” – These are common questions when housewives select the seasonings.

Although they do not know how to roast, grind, and taste each of the spices by themselves, they still worry about the quality of commercial spices. For housewives, everything that is absorbed into the body must be assured by themselves. To solve this problem, there are two key elements when choosing seasonings.

Natural ingredients in every spice pack

Each dish has its special secrets. For example, Pho must have cinnamon, anise, cardamom, and cilantro seeds to have a solid and healthy taste. Thus, please keep in mind that you should draw attention to the ready-made spices containing all the necessary ingredients with a natural origin that the brand adds.


In general, the quality of traditional brands has been tested by consumers for many years. Furthermore, conventional dishes are Vietnamese people. Therefore, if we use bold flavors, the spices should also be traditional. It is not complex to prepare.

You probably select a 60-year-old traditional brand, Vianco is an example. With the semi-completed spice brand, Vianco provides customers the true Vietnamese flavors. We have a bundle of ViancoFoods to meet the traditional recipes.

Just add our products; standard flavors of local dishes for special occasions will be easier. We have soup powder, braised beef powder, Hue beef vermicelli powder, and so on.

Spice is a part of our lives

Our life is like tasting delightful food. You add salt only and miss the sweetness. You will lack salinity if you add sugar only. Moreover, small things play an important role in making flavor and taste in a dish. So, we should always add something to our lives – creating colors. Otherwise, it will be extremely boring.

The spices from fresh, dried, whole, or semi-completed seasonings are made to add to our dishes and have different experiences. Similarly, our lives also have many ranges of emotions. As delicious foods, home meals of a family bring happiness and flavor every day. If you still worry about cooking mouth-watering dishes, let Vianco help you.

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