Pho beef soup recipe

Pho is a famous dish in Vietnam. We can find Pho in luxurious restaurants or food stalls. Most delicious noodle stalls are located in small streets or corners. These small alleys always have bustle sounds with customers in and out, as well as motorbikes.

Vietnamese often make two versions of Pho – the beef recipe and the chicken one. These days, we have more versions, like the beef-ball Pho. In general, we can prepare Pho at home thanks to recipes and convenient devices. If you want to try the beef-ball Pho, Vianco chefs are glad to show you how. Just taking 30 minutes in the kitchen!

Cách nấu Phở Bò Viên(1)


  • Beef (about 500grams)
  • Instant beef balls (about 200grams)
  • Pho noodles (about 200grams)
  • VIETNAMESE PHO SOUP POWDER (a pack of 18 grams)

Cách nấu Phở bò viên

B1: Boil 500ml of water and add 20grams of Vianco noodle soup. Then, you stir them well.

B2: Add two tablespoons of fish sauce to make the broth more flavorful.

Cách nấu Phở bò viên
Cách nấu Phở bò viên

B3: Peel the raw beef or dip it longer if you want to enjoy well-cooked and soft meat.

B4: Dip all of the beef balls in boiling water to cook. Then, you should dip the rice noodles.

Cách nấu Phở bò viên
Cách nấu Phở bò viên

B5: Put beef balls, beef, Pho noodles, and vegetables into the broth pot. After that, move them in a bowl and relish. You could select several vegetables to improve the deliciousness of Pho such as cinnamon and herbs.

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