Pho is one of the most popular foods in Vietnamese culture. The simple way to cook beef noodle soup right away is to use ViancoFoods “Pho” Beef Noodle Soup.

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish, it’s believed that Pho originated in Nam Dinh, and can also be considered as one of the typical dishes for Vietnamese cuisine. The main ingredients of Pho are Pho noodles and broth.

Traditional Pho broth is simmered from beef bones and combined with many spices such as cinnamon, star anise, ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander, dried onions, etc. to create an attractive and different broth.

Pho is always enjoyed while it’s still hot. Getting delicious bowls of pho depends a lot on the experience and traditional know-how of the processor, which the broth must ensure a sufficient blend of spices. Let’s go to the kitchen with Vianco to cook a bowl of pho in 8 minutes.

Ingredients (3-4 people)

  • 500 gr noodles
  • 500 gr the beef bone and encrusted beef 
  • ViancoFoods Vietnamese “Pho” Beef Noodle Soup 200gr
  • Vegetables served: Bean sprouts, cilantro, onions, coriander,…

Step 1: Boil 500gr the bone and encrusted beef in 5 minutes

Step 2: Put the bone and encrusted beef in 2 liters of water

Step 3: Add 200ml of ViancoFoods “Pho” Beef Noodle Soup and stir well

Step 4: Pour the “Pho” Beef Soup into a bowl with noodles, beef slices, fresh mint, and bean sprouts.

Pour the “Pho” Beef Soup into a bowl with noodles, beef slices, fresh mint, and bean sprouts

Vietnamese “Pho” Beef Noodle Soup

Vietnamese “Pho” Beef Noodle Soup – “ViancoFoods Concentrated Seasoning, instantly standard taste in 8 minutes” is a blend of spices that create the flavor of Pho. Making it easier to cook pho while still achieving the perfect taste. Natural ingredients help bring out the flavor and richness of the broth. The key to the success of a delicious bowl of pho.

Pho is not only delicious food, but Pho is also the quintessence of Vietnamese culture. In Pho, we find the difference in flavor, a little sweetness from the stew bone, and the characteristic scent of cinnamon, anise, and coriander seeds, …, it is this perfect blend that creates the characteristic taste of Pho. 

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