chicken curry is a special dish with a distinctive and unique flavor. We cannot confuse it with other curries. The dish is not only eye-catching and attractive in color but also fragrant in flavors. It is also easy to do this dish at home if you follow our recipe below.


• Chicken meat (about 400 or 500grams)
• Potatoes (about 100grams)
• Sweet potatoes (about 100grams)
• Fresh coconut water (500ml)
• Coconut milk (150ml)
• Curry powder (about 10grams)

1. Add 15ml of white wine, 15grams of ginger, and 15grams of salt in a bowl. Then, you put chicken meat and mix them slightly. Let the meat soak for 5 minutes.

2. That, you add more ingredients such as shallot, minced garlic, ginger, chili powder, sugar, pepper, and fish sauce

3. Next, you put the Vianco curry powder package and mix them again. Marinate the meat in 15 minutes. If you want the dish taster, you can wait for 30 minutes or longer.
4. Put crushed lemongrass (about 30grams), shallot (about 20grams), and crushed garlic (about 20grams).

5. Add onions and eggplants with 500ml of coconut water as well as 150ml of coconut milk.
6. Stew all spices and chicken meat in 30 minutes. Do not overheat them! After that, you move them into a bowl and wait for cooling. You could enjoy the dish with rice, noodles, or bread. Add salt, pepper, lemon, and chili to taste.

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