Cá chiên xốt sa tế

The distinctive fried fish may not surprise you but the “fried fish with satay sauce” can. Thanks to the satay sauce, it creates a special dish for our family and friends to relish at any time. If you know how to prepare the dish, you will do it in a few minutes. Let’s move to your kitchen and follow our recipe.


  • Bream or mackerel fishes (about 5 fishes or more)
  • Scallion (about 30grams)
  • Salads
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Fresh chili
  • Vianco satay oil sauce (about 18grams)


  • Wash and ruff fishes. Then, you souse fish with spices and 5 teaspoons of Vianco satay oil sauce in 15 minutes.
Cá chiên xốt sa tế
  • After 15 minutes of marinating fish, you fry them in a pan. Turn the heat and make the oil hot at first. When frying fishes in a hot oil pan, you slightly put the fishes to the pan and fry them on two sides. Just fry them until you see the brown color in the fish. You should adjust the heat to low and stir both sides evenly so that the fishes cannot burn.
  • In this step, you need to make the satay oil sauce. If you have our product, you can skip it. To make the sauce, you could find garlic, oyster oil, satay oil, and scallions. Then, you sauté them in a few minutes and take them out on a plate. If you cannot eat spicy dishes, you can reduce the remaining satay in your refrigerator.
  • Pour sauce over the fishes and arrange them on a plate. You probably add vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, and salads) on the top and sprinkling chili, peppers, and cilantro for decoration.

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