For housewives, Pho Beef and Chicken soup recipe is easy to cook at home. Moreover, this dish is delicious and nutritious for their families that they can do on weekends. Pho is considered as “the quintessence of Vietnamese soul” and a memorable traditional dish with rustic taste and delicate flavor.

For local people, they often enjoy pho at their breakfasts or a delicious weekend dish. However, it is not easy to have the right recipe to cook this dish. Therefore, our chefs will guide you on how to prepare Pho at home.

Ingredients create the standard taste of Pho

Ingredients play an important role in all mouth-watering dishes. Thus, you should check the list below and prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Main ingredients

  • Lean beef (about 500grams).You can add ribbed beef and beef ball as you like
  • Beef bone (about 100grams)
  • Pho noodle (about 1kg)
  • Others (onions, ginger, herbs, lemon, chili, and bean sprouts)

Additional ingredients

  • Seasoning: salt, fish sauce, sugar, pepper, chili sauce, and satay
  • Cooking spices: dried cinnamon, anise, cardamom, fresh ginger, coriander seeds, etc.

It is not easy to find all ingredients. Additionally, the roasting, weighing, and tasting points are also daunting tasks to do. You can select semi-complete seasonings to make your dish easier.

Pho seasoning ViancoFoods is one of the standard spices helping your dish better in taste. For chicken Pho soup, for example, you should replace the beef (meat and bone) with one kilogram of chicken. Add hearts and young eggs to the broth so that the taste is much more delicious. The broth plays an important role in attracting the Pho smell.


Put the bones in a pot with 3 liters of water. Cook it in 40 minutes and add some ingredients (grilled onions and ginger). Then, you continue to simmer the pot for 3 hours to make the broth sweet. Please note that the simmering time can create the sweetness and essence of the broth. In addition to grilled onions, regularly skimming the foam could help the broth look and be beautiful.

After cooking the broth, you should add the ViancoFoods seasoning package to create the standard taste of Pho. By doing this, you save cooking time and confidently cook without using complicated spices. In the end, you are able to add a little fish sauce, sugar, and some seasoning seeds.

Boil a part of the meat to make encrusted meat and another part for doing rare-beef. Keep the encrusted meat in the refrigerator compartment to tighten and slice thinly to taste.

If you want to make the chicken Pho, you need to boil a chicken, heart, and eggs. After that, you tear off the lean meat and boil it like you were doing to the beef-bone.

Show your cooking skills off

A special thing in cooking Pho is that you feel the dish more attractive. This is also a secret to make the dish much more beautiful and tasty. In other words, the dish has many colors such as white (white bean sprouts, Pho noodle, onions at the bottom), green (vegetables, cilantro, and green onions). Pour the boiling broth into the bowl so that you may have a really delicious Pho noodle. Remember to add cinnamon, herbs, black and red soy sauce, satay, etc. to make your Pho bowl more special.

Small tips

You should note down all your fingertips to make your Pho dish become different. This is because everyone can cook but they are not capable of flavoring. To make the broth look eye-catching, blanch the bones through boiling water and stew.

Do you have enough time to burrow? If not, you should use the Vianco noodle broth because this is a quick alternative you need to take. After boiling the lean beef, let it sit in the cooler for 1 or 2 hours to make all slices better.

Poached eggs are another favorite dish for someone and they increase the flavor of Pho. For that reason, you can make these eggs and add them to your Pho bowl. This is a special way to make Pho more delicious that no one knows.

Interesting discoveries to take care of your family

With all the meticulous cooking methods of beef and chicken Pho recipes above, it will definitely help you get a delicious and nutritious dish. Serve this dish to your family or friends at weekends or any party on reunion days or holidays.

Other ingredients are suitable for making Pho: ViancoFoods, Vianco Chili Sauce, and Vianco Satay.

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