Beef stew recipe

Braised beef (cook-with-sauce beef) is a traditional dish of Saigon people as well as Southern specialties. Today, it has become a favorite dish of Vietnamese and all people over the world. They often enjoy it at breakfast, lunch, and afternoon sessions in food stalls and restaurants.

The standard quality of the braised beef is soft beef without being dried and chewy. It also contains a rich traditional flavor with a special smell that we will say “oh, this is the true braised beef”.

It sounds easy but the way to make the beef will be difficult. This is because we need to use suitable spices at the right time. The best method to deal with this issue is using the seasoning package. You can find and buy them in the markets, supermarkets, groceries, etc. Now, roll up your sleeves and do it!


  • Beef tendon and flank
  • Pork bone (about one kilogram to make the nutritious broth)
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Purple onions
  • Garlic
  • 5 lemongrass stalks chili, and bean sprouts
  • A little cilantro
  • A little seasoning (sugar, salt, and other seasonings)
  • BEEF STEW MARINATE POWDER (a pack of 20grams)

  • BEEF STEW PASTE SAUCE (a pack of 20grams)

  1. For a great beef dish, start by running to the supermarket and choosing fresh ingredients.

With the beef, buy 500grams of fresh flank. How can you tell if the beef is fresh or not? Lightly press on the meat surface. If you feel soft and it does not stick to your hands, the beef is fresh. Moreover, the beef does not have a crimson color.

Add 200grams of beef tendon. Picking the chewy and lumpy meat will make the taste more succulent.

  1. Come to the preliminary process

To get rid of the smell on beef, you need to add some pieces of crushed ginger with a small glass of white wine. Then, wash it. Cut the encrusted meat into small squares. With tendons, cut them into short pieces.

Take a pot of boiling water, peel off pork bones, and remove the boiling water. Wash carrots and onions. Add the carrots and onions to the flowers. Cut the lemongrass into short pieces and wash them. Do the similar thing with the sprouts. With garlic, finely chop.

Marinate meat with ViancoFoods seasoning pack for 30 minutes

3. Put on your apron and show off your skills with a pot of braised beef

Prepare a 1-liter water pot, turn the heat on to boil pork bones, and add a little salt. Then, turn on the stove and put the oil into the pot. Add a little minced garlic and sauté until you smell the fragrant food.

At this time, add beef and stir it evenly. Add lemongrass and continue to stir-fry until you catch the sweet smell. The broth pot is now boiling hot and aromatic. You can put the whole parts of the Beef stew paste sauce. Impart a half jar of braised beef and close the lid.

  • Ingredients and seasonings play a crucial role in your dish. Your patience, on the other hand, is also important. Stew the beef for an hour so that each piece is absorbed. Additionally, do not forget carrots and onions.The right time to add them to the pot can decide the taste of your dish. Take a little salt, sugar, and pepper if you want. Finally, turn off the stove and enjoy!

What could you eat braised beef with…?

  • Bread: Vietnamese people often eat braised beef with loaves of bread. You can try a baguette.
  • Rice: Rice is an essential part of any Vietnamese Braised beef with rice is a good idea.
  • Vermicelli or noodles: When you are bored with rice or bread, noodles or vermicelli is a great alternative.

Some secrets to have a delicious dish (braised beef)

  • Tendons will make your dish softer and tougher while avoiding boredom.
  • When cooking the broth, keep in mind that you should remove the foam before adding beef in order to make the water clear (without impurities).
  • If you do not have time to stew the bones, use fresh coconut water. Your dish will retain its sweetness
  • It will be great if you cook the dish in a pressure cooker. It might save a lot of time for others.
  • Remember that the main seasoning is always necessary. Traditional braised beef should contain a few herbs such as cilantro, nutmeg, star anise, and so on. Nonetheless, using them is quite complicated. This is because the types are pretty different. Prepared spices will support you in the measurement part. Of course, if the seasoning is high-quality, your dish will be tasty and fresh.
  • Select the right brands in seasoning packs because they ensure the true taste for your conventional dish. Do not ignore natural ingredients. The standard recipe will be suitable if you use our seasoning (braised beef powder and sauce of VinacoFoods). With pure ingredients and traditional flavors, Vianco will be the standard seasoning for any Vietnamese dish.

Do you need to have a conference with your family? Do not forget to treat your family with a party

Braised beef is a good idea for a family party at weekends or holidays. Grandparents, parents, and children come together; enjoy the dish, and chat. The dish is also an opportunity to show your cooking skills.

To choose the right seasoning pack for making a braised beef dish, visit our website and add the pack to your cart. You also buy our product at the supermarket and markets. It is time to show your talent!

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